Guy Reading Fake Books On Subway

Excerpts from the Book That Man Is Reading on the Subway. By Eva. fast enough to convince her that you are a seasoned reader but not so fast that your reading looks fake. This book is.

NF, fiction, and a lot of what I like to read is not something I necessarily care to have people’s comments on. I used to get very embarrassed reading a raunchy romance novel on the subway. I’d skip the best parts rather than get a knowing look from the person sitting by me. I could read total smut now on a tablet and mostly people would not know.

Home Entertainment Guy Pretends To Read Hilariously Fake Books On The. The Chortle decided to experiment with this curiosity by making a man sit in Subway with fake book.

Apr 13, 2016  · Watch: This guy reads fake books on the subway and the reactions are priceless Awesome Comedian printed a series of elabourate fake book covers, ranging from the slighty embarassing (“How to Hold a Fart In”) to the disturbing “(Mein Kampf for Kids”) to the downright profane The video, filmed for Chortle, explains: “Subways are a great place to catch up on your reading…

In the New York City subway, you get to see people from all walks of life. And that includes guys doing highly-questionable stuff – like reading a book entitled, Ass Eating Made Simple. Comedian Scott Rogowsky recently played a prank on his fellow subway passengers.

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Jan 12, 2017  · This Guy Reads Fake Trump Era Books On The Subway, And We’re Laughing To Keep From Crying. If you need a li’l laugh to make it through to Friday, watch this guy read fake Trump era books on the.

This Guy Reads Shocking (But Fake) Books on the Subway. Comments. Share. Comments. Scott Rogowsky knows it’s fun to see what other people are reading on the subway. So, he decided to take it to the extreme with these hilarious (and some NSFW) titles that he invented. How would you react if you saw someone reading these? Look through the.

Guy Reading Fake Books For The All-Too-Real Trump Era Cracks Up Subway Ron Dicker General Assignment Reporter, The Huffington Post Fancy some light, fake reading in.

There is no other time more peaceful than reading a book in a metro or the subway. You have ample amount of time to kill and what better use to put.

7 Apr 2016. *Some of the book covers could be considered not safe for work (nsfw)*. Prankster Scott Rogowsky printed a bunch of ridiculous fake book.

Comedian Scott Rogowsky cracks up New Yorkers in the latest all-Trump administration installment of Taking Fake Book Covers On the Subway. Fast Company. This Guy Casually Read Fake Books.

This guy reads fake books by Donald Trump on the subway and the reactions he gets are great 13 January, 2017 10:35 No one can help but have a bit of a sneaky peek when someone whips out a book.

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The comedian has returned to the New York subway with a female accomplice. skip to navigation. Radio X. The Guy Reading Fake Book Covers Is Back, And He Has A Friend. 18 May 2016, 13:26.

Apr 07, 2016  · Comedian pranks subway by shamelessly reading embarrassing books. is a real bookworm, particularly for books no one would dare be seen reading in. a litany of fake books.

Apr 07, 2016  · Comedian Scott Rogowsky pretended to read books with fake covers on the subway while his accomplice videotaped peoples’ reactions. Some of the book titles: How to Hold a Fart In 101 Penis Len…

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