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"I think this is a good story because it’s rare in the last 10 years for a company to sell or be acquired and still remain in Wichita," says Shell, a devoted westsider. "And it’s even rarer that a.

“I made a movie in Westsider Books when I was a teenager. They don’t care if something is rare or not. They don’t know.”.

You can find the smallest park in New York City, a delicious Mediterranean brunch, a rare and used bookstore, a family’s home turned museum, an underground lounge that has a whole new menu of creative.

3 p.m. [Free] Just as the book seemed about to close on Westsider Rare & Used Books, one of the last independent bookstores on the Upper West Side, there came a plot twist. Dorian Thornley, a co-owner.

What better way to celebrate than with the gift of reading? Are you in the market for a new book? Have a pile of old paperbacks or hardbacks you’re looking to sell? Check out these five used.

Thomas Hardy Place Names Rockefeller Center Music Hall Due to heavy traffic expected in the area Wednesday night, the NYPD urges drivers to avoid the vicinity of Rockefeller Center and Radio City Music Hall from 3 p.m. to midnight. Anyone attending the. A Rockefeller Center neighborhood map points out a number of nearby attractions and an abundance of eateries

Several years ago, I used to be a Westsider and part of my weekly routine was to hit up the beach, whether playing ball on the blacktop at Venice, laying out and reading a book at Ocean Park. My.

A few months ago, my family visited for a couple of days. Rather than book the usual tourist hotel in congested and maddening Times Square, they opted for the Belnord at 87th and Broadway instead. The.

A native Westsider, she was then an undergraduate at Los Angeles. Other times, he would draw or write on every available surface: walls, napkins, books, the tops of tables. Davis remembers spending.

instead of succumbing to the hysterics and moral panic that our parents used to try and force us to stop listening to rock ’n’ roll, watching MTV, playing pinball, or reading comic books. Video games.

Westsider, powerHouse, BookCourt, McNally Jackson, Shakespeare & Co., WORD, Longitude, Bluestockings, Housing Works, or St. Marks), I’d feel differently. And indeed, when news reached me Friday that a.

Readings and screenings, post-apocalyptic book clubs, and back porch barbecues help attract readers over to quiet Columbia Street. Owner Peter Miller also maintains a lively, involving blog detailing.

Hint? Have a great look outside in the pre-owned books’ rack. Bought 3 pre-owned books for 10$.Go over there to get educated." Don’t agree with this list? Let us know what your favorite bookstore on.

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House of Oldies Rare Records offers up to 250,000 pieces of collectible vinyl — and only vinyl. As the sign in the window states: “No CDs, no tapes.” Don’t look for $2 bargains, though. “I used to buy.

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Modern Mixed Media Art Fusinato is best known for his mixed-media recordings, performances, and installations. The exhibition will be curated by. Buoyed by heavy bidding from Asia for the evening’s top four entries, Sotheby’s contemporary sale on Thursday night racked up. It also boasted a new section dedicated to modern art, where Accra’s Gallery 1957 made early sales of

In short, it can feel like Downtown Music Gallery is hanging on by a thread — which is a shame, because for its carefully curated focus on art rock, underground jazz, and contemporary classical, it.

Racked is no longer publishing. Thank you to everyone who read our work over the years. The archives will remain available here; for new stories, head over to Vox.com, where our staff is covering.

the ones that remain. Luckily, New York City still has a robust selection of small-business booksellers, from general interest shops to those that specialize in rare and out-of-print titles in.

After finding, by chance, a letter from Brice between the pages of a library book, Lee steals it and tries to sell it. relying on the same skills that she used to enter into imaginative sympathy.

But now you can go online to sources like abebooks.com and bookfinder.com, or to the Web sites of stores like the Strand and Westsider Books. If I were to choose. Phelps Stokes used much of his.

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